Getting Started

Hey guys are you getting ready to get started ??
well here we go....

Register in Paypal by Clicking on the banner below

Register in Neteller by Clicking on the banner below

Register in Neobux by Clicking on the banner below

NOTE 1 :
  • PAYPAL and NETELLER are online banks which do not require any money for registration and stuff like that. 
  • In order to register in Paypal  you will be needing a PAN card and NETELLER doesn't require one. But you should verify yourself in Paypal as well as Neteller by submitting your ID proof and/or Address proof. 
  • In Paypal, you can verify your account by adding your bank account number and it is an easy process.
  • Neteller on the other hand requires both ID proof and Address proof Documents such as Driving License and bank statement etc.

NOTE 2 :
  • Registering in neobux will require your email id and a payment method i.e. Paypal or Neteller. Personally, i prefer Paypal as it is almost hassle free and doesn't ask too many questions
  • You need to be a member of Neobux for a minimum of 15 days and you should log in to their website atleast once per day and click all the available advertisements.
  • If you are inactive for the 1st 3 days after registering to neobux website i.e. you are not logged in over 3 days, which could lead you to banning your account.
  • After 15 days of regular login, your account will not be banned unless you are inactive for a month or 30 days.

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