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Register yourself in the below websites if you would like to make extra income from home by spending a few minutes (say around 30 minutes) everyday.

Making ordinary URL links into Paid links

You can also make ordinary links into paid links i.e. for every 1000 clicks on your monetized link you will get a few dollars. So if you are having a website or a blog with several hundreds or thousand people coming to your website and you could make that into money. The following links are some examples of sites which monetize links. you can even make money by sharing the paid link on Facebook or Google plus.


Paid to read Emails
hey guys register in the below website to get paid emails which you will be credited. however you need to read the email at the Hits $ Pay website and you will have to view the page for a minute or so to get credited around 0.02 cent and there is a $5 free cash credited to your account as soon as you signup.

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