Making Money Online

Are you desperate to make money online ??
Well it is possible to make money online but the main virtue to make money online is a lot of PATIENCE and CREATIVITY.

Most of the people give up at a early stage instead of giving a harder try. anyway lemme tell you all the possible ways at least what all stuff i know about how to make some good cash online.

1. Selling your Old Stuff on Ebay
Take a scavenge hunt around your house and you may find a lot of useless stuff which could be useful to someone else so all you need to do is take out a camera and take a snap of the stuff in a white background or on a White A4 paper as good looking product has some high chance to sell it off. Once done, post it on ebay along with picture and description of it. Please be reasonable on the price rather than slapping the customers with high price for a simple product or overrated shipping charges which could violate ebay rules and terms leading to ebay to ban your product.

2. Selling Ebooks on Amazon
You know something about a stuff or a place or a person or about something. so all you have to do is write a e-book and sell it on amazon. you can sell information about a fishing spot or a exclusive thing or wildlife or even a fiction like twilight series on your own and who knows you can be a major hit artist like J.K.Rowling or someone else. Make sure you don not copy other people stuff as it could lead to the ban of your account or even some serious law suit issue.

3. Promoting Amazon Products
If you own a website or blog and you have sufficient traffic to it, then sign up at amazon affiliate program and make commission for every products which were sold thru your website or blog. Putting adlink or linkbucks or other paid link programs may lead to disapproval of your account. and there are many people who does this as all you need to do is sign up and put up banners of the products in your website / blog and you get paid for the banner links if people use it to buy a product on amazon.

4. Freelancing
Are you a freelancer or you got any particular skills like making codes or any other skills as there are people waiting to hire you for a short contract or pay you for your work. some of the example sites are :

5. Surveys
Taking up surveys is also another way to earn money online but most of survey stuff is allow US people to take up but this problem is solved when you use a VPN or a proxy so here is the list of legit survey websites that pays for your opinion.

6. Joining PTC sites
Joining many PTC sites can be stressful so i advise you people to join a few or a single STABLE PTC such as neobux and you can earn a lot but it requires a lot of patience and a little investment to make it rain money everyday. You can join Neobux by clicking on the banner below :


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